Lakeland Multi-trade - electrical servicesLakeland Multi-trade’s provides first class certified electrical services for construction and maintenance. Our electricians are fully trained and are up to date with all current code requirements and follow strict safety guidelines. We coordinate all facets of our customers electrical requirements within the context of their project specifications.

Whatever the scope of the project – service calls, large projects, or ongoing scheduled maintenance – our professional team provides 24/7 emergency service availability and fast response times. Our quality and dependability is backed by ESA registration.

Lakeland Multi-trade - electrical services


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  • Data communication cabling

  • Security systems and fire alarms

  • Power drops and emergency power systems

  • Commercial and industrial wiring

  • Robotic repairs, wiring, installations and maintenance

  • Custom panel design and build


  • Industrial, electrical and electronic installation and diagnostics

  • Energy management retrofits

  • Process Electrical Installations

  • PLC Wiring and Troubleshooting

  • Sub Station and High Voltage Installations

  • Service Installations

  • Variable Frequency Drives

  • Building Lighting Systems

  • Machinery and Equipment Wiring


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