Lakeland Multi-trade - services for the automation services Lakeland Multi-trade provides innovative custom machine designs to a myriad of industries incorporating leading edge yet proven technologies.  A panel of experts, engineers, technologists and seasoned tradesmen all contribute to produce high quality, dependable automation equipment which match the technical and fiscal requirements of the customer. These vary from single station, to rotary (multiple) assembly lines.



Lakeland Multi-trade - services for the automotive industryOne area of expertise involves the Automative industry. A specialty is error proofing and assembly machines which combine the efficiencies of an ergonomic design to assemble parts and to “proof” the part thereby preventing a faulty part from entering the production line. Lakeland Multi-trade takes pride in producing machines to exacting tolerances and requiring extreme repeatability for years of dependable service.

As well as the automotive sector, Lakeland Multi-trade services all industries with strong representation in the paper, food and manufacturing areas.

From conceptual planning through to installation and start up, Lakeland Multi-trade is committed to giving our customers the confidence that their requirements will receive personalized, professional total service.


Lakeland Multi-trade provides innovative custom machine design to a myriad of industries incorporating leading edge yet proven technologies. A panel of experts, engineers, technologists and tradesmen all contribute to produce high quality, dependable automation equipment which match the technical and fiscal requirements of the customer.

Some examples of custom machinery we have built in the past include:

  • Foam dispensing machines, poke-yoke assembly machines, drilling machines, test fixtures and insertion devices for the automotive industry.

  • Roll cutters, palletizers, and festooners for the paper industry.

  • Festooners, SMC slitters, and parts degaters for the plastics industry.

  • Robotic cell design and installation.

Lakeland Multi-trade - services for the automation services


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