Lakeland Multi-trade offers a variety of maintenance solutions to help keep your company or organization running smoothly and efficiently. As a multi-trade company, Lakeland Multi-trade can offer maintenance services in any of our multiple trades offered; allowing easy access to all of your maintenance needs without the hassle of managing multiple contractors. 



Lakeland Multi-trade preventative, scheduled maintenance services

Lakeland Multi-trade offers programs that are customized to meet our customer’s mechanical and fiscal requirements. We offer a complete range of maintenance packages ranging from 1 to 5 year terms.

Our Preventive Maintenance Programs increase the lifespan of your equipment which in turn, saves you money. Whether it is Industrial, Institutional, or Commercial, Lakeland Multi-trade is experienced in all facets.


Lakeland Multi-trade can troubleshoot and propose the best maintenance solution for you, whether your equipment requires minor repair or a major overhaul. In addition, our team is able to provide you with mechanical upgrades, small contracts, equipment commissioning, and operator training. As a true multi-trade service company our expert tradesmen are available 24/7 to serve your maintenance needs. 



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