FLEX MANAGEMENT – Maintenance Program

Lakeland Multi-Trade offers a unique service to industry to provide a flexible manpower maintenance program where the customer can utilize our trade services as their demands change from month to month.

Maintenance is the single most costly element to our industrial partner’s bottom line. Lakeland Multi-Trade has answered that issue with a Flex Management Maintenance Program where our customers can modify their monthly costs of maintenance based on their demand.

The typical subcontracted maintenance programs only supports the electrical, and millwrighting requirements of a customer. This leaves multiple services to be contracted out separately to other firms, in turn occupying the customer’s already lean resources to manage additional outside trades. This issue alone can result in project delays or scheduling conflicts. With Lakeland Multi-Trade this scenario is eliminated since our company offers a full scope of certified trades to our customer along with project management, and engineering services to ensure that all the project/work details are completed in a timely, organized manner. This methodology of a single source maintenance program comes with many cost saving variables, such as a harmonic work force managed by a single project manager and working certified supervisors from each trade discipline coordinating and executing seamless project and work details. This multi-disciplined work force has the ability to facilitate the customer’s need to complete capital projects and coherently maintaining plant operations through PM programs and maintenance work orders. The flexibility to shift manpower, increase manpower or provide additional trade disciplines on demand is a unique element to Lakeland Multi-Trade and a priceless advantage to our industrial partners. For example, if our customer requires a different trade discipline to perform a task on site, with appropriate notice Lakeland Multi-Trade can dispatch and exchange personnel to prevent additional impacts to the monthly labour costs.

 Lakeland Multi-Trade’s ability to manage and execute a successful project is made up of several variables, and having a proactive procurement culture mitigates any cost overages due to rising material costs. Therefore, if Lakeland Multi-Trade was to occupy an onsite store to maintain and supply construction, and maintenance materials including “Non-Durable Tooling” etc. this contract is backed by our procurement department that continually researches product value to guarantee we are getting the best pricing on purchased items.

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